I'd been a bit too optimistic in my assessment of the weather potential for Portland, for which reason I'd only brought shorts and skirts along.
On Saturday morning this soon proved decidedly on the cool side, so before heading off to the supermarket Jeri and Sins took me to a second hand clothes shop just across the street and left me to roam at will. I swear I had the best intentions only to buy one pair of jeans of some sort and then retreat forthwith to the supermarket to join Jeri and Sins. Short version: I came out of there with a good deal more, including this top matching my skirt. And my raid on the second hand store took merely 15 minutes and cost me a grand total of $23.. ;-)
Back home I proudly showed off my haul, upon which someone demanded proof that I could actually fit into that tiny top. So, obviously, I had to put it back on. And once I had spent the time getting out the fineries, what better use than to have a photo taken with the "man about the house", Seamus?
After a bit of persuasion Seamus graciously complied with my request.