Seamus (Kendall and Jacqui's dog) arrived on Friday night and stayed at Mary's house all weekend. He refused to leave, because conditions are so much better at Mary's than at home; he's allowed free access to the furniture (which he made full use of, just ask Seamus the Second ;-)), he's fed properly - the poor bugger was just about starved when he arrived, as will be evident to anybody who studies the photos of him - and house chores are limited to the occasional helping tongue with the washing up.
On Sunday night a feeble attempt to bring him home was made. He was brought to the car, but when he found out he wouldn't be allowed to actually drive the car, he refused point blank and ran back into the house.
On Monday, though, Jacqui thought it was high time that Seamus made an appearance at home. Realizing this, Seamus immediately left the house and sought political asylum with one of the neighbours. However, before such asylum could be granted, Jacqui managed to grab hold of the absconder, and he was forcibly led to the car and locked inside it. Exit Seamus..