What a Weekend!

During the weekend of 11-14th August 2006 I had the great good fortune to be included in the fun and games, singing and music which took place "chez Sinsull" in Portland, Maine.

I had a great time, and I want to take this opportunity to thank once again everybody involved in making this a weekend, that I shall always remember; Sinsull (Mary) for letting me come along and being a gracious hostess all through, Jed Marum and Seamus Kennedy for their music and friendliness towards a travelling Dane, and everybody else for the warm welcome they extended to me with an extra greeting to Tami who spent Monday morning taking me on a harbour cruise and then put me safely on the bus back to Marblehead.

This all-round thank you is not, however, extended to the Amtrak Rail Service which deposited me in Portland almost half an hour late and just about frozen to death on account of an over active air conditioning system!

I promised to post my photos from the weekend once I got back home, and this is the result. I've elected to show most photos, only omitting a few. Not all are tack sharp, some due to shoddy workmanship on my part and some simply because I was laughing too hard to keep the camera steady. All the same: Enjoy browsing!

Friday: Jed Marum
Saturday: Lobster boil and Sing around
Sunday: Seamus Kennedy
Monday: Harbour Cruise

After the dance
In harmony and measure
After the dance
An anthem to their joy
A cheerful refrain
A melody and treasure
And memories of pleasure ever
After the dance
                       (Jed Marum)

Best wishes,